The process of manufacturing the Ni-Cr heating etched sheet for Silicone rubber heater

- Aug 13, 2020-

(1) Ni-Cr alloy etched sheet processing; According to the shape and size of the line, the line cutting technology is used to cut the required chrome pieces.

After cutting the heddle chromium piece, should add aluminum between the pieces to separate it, in order to use silly in the remaining.

(2) Weld the lead wire, and at the beginning and end of the ni-Cr sheet, weld the polytetrapylene insulated safety wire.

(3) Decontamination: Clean the ni-Cr alloy sheet with lead wire with acetone, which can improve the bonding strength. Special care should be taken to clean the solder joints, otherwise the acid residue of the solder will cause corrosion to the wire.

(4) Coating surface treatment agent, increase the adhesive effect of media chrome alloy sheet and silica gel glass cloth. Apply the treating agent on the ni-Cr sheet and leave it for 40~60 minutes, then it can be bonded and phobic.

(5) Lay the ni-Cr sheet flat on the base and cover it to remove the bubbles between the base linen and the cover.

(6) Put the pasted heating sheet in an electric drying oven at 135℃, and then vulcanize with sensitive air for 10 minutes. After being taken out, it becomes the required heating sheet of silica gel glass cloth. As the decomposition products of DCBP are 2.4 dichlorobenzoic acid and 2.4 dichlorobenzene, which are relatively non-volatile, the gas pool can be avoided without pressure during vulcanization.

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