How to remove the scale of the cartridge heater?

- Dec 23, 2020-

How to remove the scale of the cartridge heater?


The main hazards of scale to cartridge heater:


1. What is more significant is the decrease in thermal efficiency. The heating capacity of the cartridge heater decreases due to the generation of a large amount of scale.


2. Scale is also easy to cause safety hazards such as electric leakage and bursting of the heating element, so sufficient attention must be paid to the scale attached to the heating element.


3. The impact on the heating environment: the production of scale easily pollutes the heated liquid, breeds a large number of bacteria, a large amount of scale sinks, and it is also easy to cause the internal blockage of the heating container.


4. The performance is damage to the electric heating element. Due to the surrounding of the scale, the internal temperature coefficient is too high, as well as the erosion of the scale on the electric heating element, resulting in a significant decrease in the life of the cartridge heater.

 Cartridge Heater

In short, if the scale is not solved in time, it will become a big problem, which will directly cause damage to the cartridge heater even may cause damage to the equipment when running in the equipment. The consequences are quite serious, so the scale of the heating element should How to deal with it, there are several coups:


1. Try to keep the temperature change of the heating environment not too large. Excessive temperature difference can easily lead to the production of scale. If the heating temperature is not too high, such as the daily use of domestic water, the water temperature should be kept within 50 degrees, which is difficult to produce scale.

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2. Develop good usage habits, do not let the heating zone separate from the liquid when heating the liquid to reduce the generation of scale; do not rush the next use when the heating is completed, and cut off the power for a period of time without heating the liquid to reduce the length of the heating element surface Time dry burning leads to scale production.


3. In the case of the heating environment that is prone to scale, if the water quality is prone to scale, you can develop the habit of regular maintenance and regularly clean the scale according to the actual conditions of use. When manual cleaning is not possible, magnesium rods can be added to the container to reduce the accumulation of scale. You can also use a high-quality quartz heating element with a large diameter for heating. On the one hand, it is not easy to cause scale on the surface, and on the other hand, the continuously generated infrared rays play a role in softening the water quality.

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