The Advantage Of 2020 Beijing International Electric Heating Technology And Equipment Exhibition Exhibition

- Jul 16, 2020-

2020 Beijing International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition Exhibition Advantages

Connect with the market · Promote industry · Cooperative innovation · Common development

◆ Directly communicate with your customers to understand the development needs of the electric heating industry, expand sales, and provide customized services for enterprises;

◆ Develop new business partners, complement each other in technology, exchange information, join together, and expand the project market;

◆ Display new products and technologies of enterprises, shape brand image, and expand market influence of enterprises and products;-

◆ With the help of various activities held in the same period, share buyer resources and develop professional buyers;

◆ Understand the development trends and technical hotspots of the activated carbon industry by participating in industry forums, professional technical seminars, and promote enterprise reform and innovation to help transformation and upgrade;

◆ Provide professional media interview reports and all-round push services to enhance corporate awareness and explore potential customers for you;

◆ Contact and exchange with investment and financing institutions through the exhibition to create financing opportunities for enterprises and solve the financial problems of enterprise development