25000PCS Argentina Capillary Thermostats Are Ready For Delivery

- Apr 10, 2020-

Today, we have finished the production of the 25000pcs E type capillary thermostats for one of our Argentina Customers. We received the order on the begining of March, and we received the technical drawing and made based on the designed drawings requirements.

The detail specifications of the E type of the capillarty thermostats are as below:

The working temperature is from 50 degree to 300 degree.

Capillary Length is 900mm

Sensor diameter is 3mm and the length is 128mm

The shaft is 6mm diameter and 23mm height.

Mr Carlos from this company said "This Capillary thermostat works perfectly, and Jaye industry already been in the range of the Class A supplier ". Thanks for your trust encourage and we will continue to do our best to make and supply the best capillary thermostats with out utmost best.