Why use a fan in infrared heating?

- Oct 19, 2020-

Why use a fan in infrared heating?


The use of infrared heating can quickly increase the surface temperature of the product and achieve the purpose of heating and drying. But many customers are confused about using fans in infrared heating. Why use a fan and how to choose a fan?


For the process of heating and drying moisture, we must use fans, such as grain drying, water-based paint drying, etc. We use fans to form a gas cycle to take away the moisture evaporated from the drying, which can achieve heating and drying faster The purpose of doing it.


Why use a fan in other heating solutions?


For other heating, we use fans for two main purposes: one is cooling, and the other is air circulation.


The cooling is mainly divided into the overall cooling of the sheet metal. The most important is the cooling of the internal reflector. The overall temperature of the sheet metal is reduced. The temperature of the shell will basically be maintained at about 50 degrees to avoid scalding accidents. The cooling of the reflector can prevent the mirror layer from yellowing at high temperature Darken, reduce reflectivity, on the one hand, it also cools the tube wall of the infrared heating lamp through the mesh on the reflector, and the tube wall cools down. On the one hand, it can extend the life of the lamp used in high temperature environments, and on the other hand, it can be coated The lamp tube coating is cooled down to prevent overheating of the coating, peeling and cracking, and reduce the infrared radiation efficiency.


Air circulation is mainly in the infrared heating process. The center of the module will have a heat gathering effect, and the middle temperature will be significantly higher than the surroundings. Therefore, we need air circulation to reduce the heat accumulation in the middle part, so that the heat is distributed as evenly as possible in the heating area. Therefore, it is very important to select a reasonable fan for infrared heating!