Why the power cord of the electric kettle always designed to be short?

- Nov 25, 2020-

Why the power cord of the electric kettle always designed to be short?

In fact, this is very difficult to find. The power cords for electric kettles on the market are basically around 0.75 meters, and there is basically no way to find a particularly long one. So why is this? Next, I will explain to everyone.

First: Cost considerations. The longer the power cord, the higher the production cost. Therefore, in general, we will not choose to make a particularly long power cord. The price of an electric kettle is tens to hundreds of CNY. In fact, this power cord only occupies a relatively small cost. If you design a long power cord, the price of the electric kettle will be much higher, but it is not easy to sell.

Second: For safety considerations, electric kettles are actually relatively high wattage electrical appliances, so this wire is also required. Under a certain cross section, only the corresponding length can be made. If it is too long, it will be very dangerous. Electricity accidents are prone to occur, so the short power cords you get are actually the most suitable length for safety reasons.

If you want to make the cable longer, the first thing you should do is to design the wire thicker, which returns to the first problem, the cost is too high.

Third: Prevent tripping. The power cords of other household appliances are long, and of course there is a risk of stumble, but most electrical appliances will not cause a big problem even if they fall down, because they do not heat up, so the danger is greatly reduced. But the electric kettle is not like this. When the electric kettle is boiling water, once it stumble, the water inside may be poured out, it will burns people, especially for children who love activities. So make the electric kettle and the socket closer, which is also safer, and avoid the possibility of tripping over the wire when walking over.


Some friends said that they want to modify the wires by themselves and extend the wires. In fact, it is not recommended that you do this. The wire connection itself is very dangerous and very unsafe, especially when used on electric kettles. Electricity is dangerous. If it is really far away from the socket, you can add a socket to shorten the distance, which is much more convenient and safe.

In fact, the design of these electrical appliances is not a random design. Many of them have some reasonable considerations, and some are inconvenient. They may be sacrifices for safety reasons. We shouldn't try to modify them.