Why is there something wrong with the electric film heater?

- Mar 21, 2020-

Reason 1: outgoing contact            

For a good soft heating element, the most important thing is the connection of outgoing line and the firmness of welding. It can be used for 180000 hours or even longer. On the contrary, there may be several possibilities for the unstable contact. When the power supply is connected, sparks will be generated or the contact will be broken due to vibration. The contact with insufficient current will also generate heat and self melting.            

Most of the manufacturing departments in the Jaye team have been trained in IPC-A-610C welding, which can connect the outgoing contact firmly.                         

Reason 2: weather resistance of insulating materials            

The electric heater is made of resistive materials. The circuit is designed in the set area, and the electric current is used to generate heat through the resistive materials. Its power can be calculated. But many factories only know this truth. They do not know that the requirements of many layers must be taken into account when designing an electric heater, such as the heat-resistant temperature and cold resistant temperature of resistance materials, adhesives and insulating materials degree.            

Many materials can be heat-resistant but not cold-resistant. It is also possible that the materials can not be heat-resistant due to the destruction of their own characteristics in too cold environment.            

The Jaye team has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of electric heaters, providing the most stable and optimal choice for most designs.

Reason 3: The circuit design and power design.

If an electric heater is connected to the power supply, it will generate power and generate heat. Without special circuit design, without area division and power adjustment, it will not generate heat evenly. The temperature at the center point is much higher than that around it