What size should be determined for fin electric tubular heater?

- Aug 24, 2020-

What size should be determined for fin electric tubular heater?

1. The dimensions of the wavy fin heating tube include the single side length of the outermost large U-shaped tubular heater, that is, the length of a in the picture, which refers to the length from the fixed baffle to the U-shaped bending radian. Therefore, the outside length of the finned tube is a * 2

2. The length of one side of the inner small U-shaped fin, that is, the length of B in the picture, refers to the length between the first and the second curved radians, so the total length of the vertical part of the inner small U is b * 4

3. The tube center distance is the length of C in the figure. This length is not only the distance between the two terminals of the heating rod with corrugated fins, but also an important parameter to measure whether the distance between tubes is appropriate.

4. Length of fastener thread, length of D in the figure above. Its length will not only affect the installation of heating tube, but also affect the price of finned electric heating tube.

5. Thread diameter of fastener, diameter of E in the figure above is generally represented by mxx * XX in national standard. This parameter is particularly important when installing the heating rod. We not only need to confirm its length, but also confirm its tooth spacing (under the condition that the customer has drilled thread holes or provided nuts by themselves).

6. F refers to the diameter of the tubular heater with wavy fins, and the diameter of the smooth tube without winding fins. This parameter directly affects the price of heating tube.

7. G is the diameter of the electric tubular heater including the steel strip after winding the steel strip with corrugated fin heating pipe. According to the customer's requirements, the width of the steel strip is generally 6 mm and 7 mm. Then the diameter of G is equal to F + 6 * 2 or F + 7 * 2

8. R is the radius of the bending radian of the fin tubular heater, so the length of the R arc is 3.14 * r, so the total length of all the curved radians of the wavy fin tubular heater in the picture is 3.14 * r * 5


From the above parameters, we can know that the size of the wavy fin tubular heater is a * 2 + b * 4 + 3.14 * r * 5 + D * 2 (total length), and the above 8 parameters are necessary for confirming the size of the wavy fin tubular heater.