What parameters should be paid attention to when selecting Cartridge heater?

- Mar 26, 2020-

1. Selection of lead wire type:

The lead wire types is divided into: internal lead (swaged-in) and external wire(crimped-on). The characteristics and differences are as follows:

A. The prices are different. The price of internal leads is almost twice that of external leads.
B. The structure is different. The lead of the inner lead heating pipe is directly led out from the inside, so that the lead of the heating pipe is not easy to break in the process of use; the outer wire is led out from the inner lead rod, and then connected to the high-temperature lead wire, which is easy to break if not used properly.
C. The temperature resistance of the wire is different. The inner lead is made of mica glass fiber braided wire and pure nickel wire, with high temperature resistance of 600-800 degrees; the outer lead is made of conventional high temperature lead: silicon rubber glass fiber braided tinned copper wire (imported single head pipe), mica high temperature lead, silicon rubber high temperature wire, with high temperature resistance of 200-300 degrees.

2. Diameter confirmation of Cartridge heater:

Most of the working environment for heat transfer of perforated heating pipe is common, such as mold hole heating, extrusion tube heating, etc. the diameter of such single head heating pipe should be determined on the basis of opening, and the diameter should be 0.1mm smaller than the opening, so as to increase the heat transfer speed and prolong the service life of the heating pipe.

3. Selection of Cartridge heater

A. If the requirements are relatively high, the service life is expected to be long, and the surface load is high, the imported materials and the imported winding methods can be used, and the German imported stainless steel 321 or ingle 840 and 800 materials can be used for production, which are expensive, but the corresponding service life is very long, and the cost performance is relatively high. Please consult us for details.

B. Under the condition that the conventional surface load is not very high and the life requirement is not very high, the conventional stainless steel 201 and 304 can be used, and the price is very cheap.