What material is the heating wire in the hair dryer

- Nov 27, 2020-

What material is the heating wire in the hair dryer


The hair dryer is one of the most small home appliance in every family, and do you know what is the material for the heating wire in side?  today, we are going to talk about this matter.

The most important heating element in the hair dryer, we also call it Mica heater, of course the outside protector insulation is the Mica frame. and in side and wounded on the mica is the heating wire, there are mainly have two types of heating wires in the Mia dryer heater:


• The first type: Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating wire. 0Cr21A16Nb、0Cr27A17Mo2,etc. The main elements in Fe-Cr-Al alloy are chromium and aluminum. This is also the reason why Fe-Cr-Al alloy is very resistant to high temperatures and has oxidation resistance. The temperature resistance of FeCrAl alloy is very good, and it can be used even at a temperature of 1400 degrees. The aluminum content of FeCrAl is very high.

• The second type: nickel-chromium alloy heating wire. There are many advantages of nickel-chromium alloy. For example, its internal structure is very stable. Even in a high temperature environment, it can still maintain the original shape of the heating wire.


I hope this artical can help you to know a little about the heating wire of the hair dryer, if you have any more questions about any heating elements or thermal controllers, welcome to contact Jaye industry!