What is PET heater and what is its application range?

- Sep 08, 2020-

PET electrothermal film is a thin heating film, which USES a special process to encapsulate the metal resistance circuit between the two insulating layers of PET to generate heat.PET electrothermal film has many advantages.
The electrothermal film introduced here by Jaye industry is to a large extent different from the electrothermal floor heating film
PET metal heating film elements are electrical heating elements formed by making various resistance circuits out of metal foil and clamping it between two insulating sheets. Because the electrothermal film produces planar heat and forms a finite thermal surface with the heated body, the heat generation and thermal conductivity are very uniform. Therefore, in practical use, metal electrothermal film has more advantages than other heating elements.

1-5V-400V-Polyimide-PET-Flexible-Thin2. What are the characteristics of PET heating film?
1). Shape can be selected for a wide range of applications. The thickness of the metal heating film is usually about 0.3mm and can be made into flat shapes or specific shapes to make the product smaller, lighter and thinner!
2). Surface heating, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
3)  long service life, metal film heating element's service life is ten times of the traditional heating element
4) heating element soft and has a strong bending resistance, suitable for soft and bending environment
5) strong corrosion resistance.
3. PET material electrothermal film main application direction
It is well known that the electrothermal film contains a kind of PET material, which is commonly used in low-temperature radiation environments. This kind of electrothermal film has some advantages of other materials, but also has its own characteristics, mainly low price. The thermal owner found that the current PET material electrothermal film has been successfully applied in the direction of electrical floor heating. In addition, it is also used in home appliances, such as mouse pads with USB ports.
The electrical heating film of PET material is made of PET covering films of different thickness required as insulation substrates. The heating part of the electric heating film is the etched heating wire of ferrochrome aluminum alloy, because its heat resistance can only reach 100 degrees. Therefore, it is also known as a low temperature electrothermal film. PET is commonly used in mouse pads, toys and other products that require low temperatures. Can design its voltage, power and size according to user's requirement.