What are the selection principles of industrial silicone rubber heating wire

- May 18, 2020-

How to choose the type of silicone rubber heating wire for industrial use should be analyzed according to the specific situation. It is not appropriate to divide it by oil field block. Constant power electric heating cables are selected, or they are all selected from temperature-controlled electric heating cables. Refer to the following selection principles:

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1. In the oil and gas separation area composed of the gas separation buffer tank and separator, the ground oil pipeline, the oil and gas separation buffer tank sewage pipeline, the separator, and the liquid level gauge are relatively concentrated, and the temperature control is also strict. Constant power electric heating cable can be used Among them, the liquid level gauge uses single-phase constant power electric heating cable, and the other uses three-phase constant power electric heating cable. In this way, a set of explosion-proof distribution box and thermostat can be used for unified control, but the distribution box, junction box, temperature The controller must meet explosion-proof requirements.
2. The water supply tank and water supply pipeline are generally far away from the explosion-proof area, the heat tracing body is not concentrated, and the temperature control requirements are not high. As long as the water temperature is kept within the range, it can meet the design requirements. Therefore, if the self-temperature-control silicone rubber heating wire is adopted, electric heating accessories such as distribution box and thermostat can be omitted.
3. In areas where there are many valve elbows, there may be cross-overlap installation, so it is not suitable to install a constant power heating wire (with a separate electric heating wire layer), and it is easy to choose a self-controlled electric heating cable.
4. From the perspective of design and installation, constant power electric heating cables are generally limited by the length of the section. If a section length is not found correctly during cutting, the silicone rubber heating wire will not work, which not only affects the heat tracing effect of the pipeline, At the same time, it is also a waste; the self-controlled temperature can be cut at will.