What are the Fixing Methods of Silicone Rubber Electric Heating Plate

- Jun 29, 2020-

1. Fix with double-sided tape.

This method is the most commonly used fixation method, that is, a layer of double-sided tape is attached to the back of the silicon rubber electric heating plate (the back of the power cord outlet). Double-sided tape generally uses high-temperature resistant double-sided tape, such as 3M double-sided tape; if the temperature is not high, in order to save costs, you can also use ordinary double-sided tape.

2. Screw holes for fixing

Open a hole on the surface of the heated silicone sheet. This method is generally flat plate heating, overlapping the holes on the heating plate with the holes of the object to be heated, and then fixing the screws.

3. Spring fixing:

This method is generally used for heating on the sides of cylinders, cuboids, and cubes. That is, the two ends of the silicon rubber electric heating plate are perforated or make iron buckles, and then hung the spring, the spring can be hung on the other end when used.

4. External fixation

That is, the insulation layer is covered on the outside of the heater. Not only can fix it but also have the effect of keeping warm.