What are the advantages of ceramic heaters

- Mar 31, 2020-

Performance advantages: Ceramic heaters have the advantages of convenient installation, high-temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and no restrictions on models and specifications.

Product structure: The ceramic heater is made of stainless steel skin. The ceramic with a high degree of insulation and fire resistance is put on the resistance wire, and then it is made by mechanical twisting. It can be used after connecting the power.

* Up to 500 degrees in 30 seconds

* The thermal efficiency is more than 90% 1.5 times that of PTC heater

* Power can be any from 50W-2000W

* Power supply is arbitrary from 12V-380V

* The shape is not limited by the appearance (can be customized)

* Using the latest foreign technology of honeycomb ceramic heater element

* Not afraid of water and acids

* Ceramic chip heating, no red light, no burning, fast temperature rise, can rise to 500 ℃ in 30 seconds.

* 500 ℃, the following unknown fire does not consume oxygen, does not oxidize, does not dry the mouth and tongue, can deodorize and keep indoor air fresh.

* The thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is 1.5 times that of PTC heaters, and it is twice that of traditional electric wire heaters, which can save 30% of energy and electricity expenses.

* Can emit far infrared rays and radiant heat, and its emissivity is as high as 91%.

* Does not burst when exposed to water, resistant to acid and alkali, suitable for use in harsh environments.

* No surge current during startup, the temperature can be kept constant.

* Ceramic heater is suitable for: make-up, apply face, rheumatism, and relieve joint pain. In addition to the warmth of the room, it is also very effective for sitting in the office and employees' feet with coldness and soreness.

* Use any voltage from 12V-380V and any power from 50W-2000W.

* Widely used in household appliances (hairdryers), beauty equipment, medical equipment, industrial dryers, fax machines, etc.