Types of KSD Thermostat

- Jun 18, 2020-

The thermostat is a switch that controls temperature intelligently or non-intelligently. It is used for temperature control of various household appliances and electromechanical equipment. The temperature of the thermostat can be set according to user needs. There are many types of thermostats and divided according to the manufacturing principles of thermostats:

1. Sudden jump thermostat

Sudden jump thermostat is KSD thermostat, it is bimetallic thermostat, mainly used for overheat protection.

2. Liquid expansion thermostat

Utilizing the principles of thermal expansion and contraction, it has the advantages of accurate temperature control and reliable temperature. Used for overload protection, widely used for temperature control in electric heating, refrigeration and other industries.

3. Pressure thermostat

It is suitable for cooling and heating equipment.

4. Electronic thermostat

It uses of resistance to sense temperature and has the advantage of small size and stability. The thermostat in the air conditioner is thermistor type.