The performance requirements of cartridge heater

- Mar 05, 2020-

The performance requirements of cartridge heater

1. The temperature rising time

When testing voltage, the elements’ time to rise from the ambient temperature to the test temperature should not be over than 15 min.


2. The deviation of rated power

With the condition of fully heating, the deviation of rated power of elements should not exceed the following ranges:

A. The rated power<=100W:±10%

B. The rated power>=100W:+5%~ -10%.


3.  Leakage current

Cold leakage current, water pressure and sealing test should not over 0.5mA.


The hot leakage current at the working temperature of energy-saving heating rings should not be exceed the calculated value in the formula, the maximum does not exceed 5mA.


I—Hot leakage current mA

t—Heating length mm

T—Working temperature ℃


When a several of elements series to power supply, leakage current test should be performed by a group of element as a whole.


4.  Insulation resistance

Cold state insulation resistance is not less than 50MΩ.

The hot insulation resistance at the working temperature should not less than the calculated in the formula, the minimum is not less than 1MΩ.