The installation precautions of the silicone rubber heating belt

- Nov 04, 2020-

Let me Introduce you the installation precautions of the silicone rubber heating belt.

QQ20180830160400 - 1. When installing the heating cable, it should not be squeezed hard or stretched for a long distance. Pay attention to prevent damage to the outer insulation of the heating belt.
2. When connecting the heating cable, it should be noted that the maximum operating length of the heating cable cannot be exceeded, which is 100 meters.
3. Conventional gates and flanges are constructed according to the illustrations in the manufacturer's "Design, Installation and Maintenance Guide".
4. The location of the flat electric heating belt should be close to the pipe wall at the lower end of the pipeline level to keep the connection tightly and carry out construction. 5. The winding method is constructed according to the installation coefficient.
5. The heating tape shall be pasted with aluminum foil tape in the longitudinal direction, and the temperature-resistant tape shall be wound in the radial direction at intervals of 500mm-700mm. The pasting method shall be fixed radially first. Then use aluminum foil tape to paste the whole process to ensure that the heating band is tightly combined with the pipeline and the appearance is flat.
6. At the power supply and the end of the heating element, 1 meter should be reserved for the heating strip, 0.5 meters for the two-way and three-way junction boxes, and the junction box should be fixed on the pipeline.
7. It is strictly forbidden to mix the power cord and the heating belt with a temperature lower than the highest surface temperature of the heating belt.
8. If the heated body is a non-metallic body, use aluminum foil tape to increase the contact area.
9. It is strictly forbidden to tie the electric heating belt with metal wire.
11. If the medium leaks at the flange, avoid directly below it when winding the heating tape.
12. One end of the heating belt is connected to the power supply, and the other end of the wire core is strictly prohibited to short-circuit. And cut into "V" shape, must use the matching head to seal tightly, use the shielding layer
The shielding layer must be peeled off by 10 cm at the terminal of the heating cable to prevent short circuit. For explosion-proof occasions, use silicone rubber to seal after wiring.
13. Installation-a hot spot, measurement-secondary insulation, the shielding layer must be grounded, the insulation resistance value is 220 megohms.
14. The construction of the insulation layer should be carried out after the installation of the electric heating belt is completed and the intermediate acceptance is passed.
15. After the external insulation of the pipeline is covered, the insulation should be measured again, and the insulation resistance is ≥20 megohms.
16. A warning label should be placed on the outside of the insulating layer, usually in an obvious place. The accessory label is attached to the location where the accessory is installed.
17. Back-up system, when key pipelines are used as backup emergency, each pipeline circuit should be installed as an independent circuit and have an independent power supply.
18. The electric heating belt distribution system should have overload, short circuit and leakage protection, and the load matching should be three-phase load balance.
Attention to the distribution of silicon heater:
a: Leakage protector is required;
b: The power cord connection should select the corresponding load area according to the power of the electric heating belt used;
c: The power cord should adopt the national standard
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