The importance of testing the quality of silicone heater

- May 19, 2020-

For an enterprise, the quality of its products is the foundation of its reputation and marketing. The product quality of the silicone heating plate is mainly composed of several factors? In short, it is mainly composed of five major factors: raw materials, equipment, process, manufacturing technology and inspection.
Product quality is manufactured, not tested. In fact, product quality manufacturing technology is fundamental, and inspection is the key. Judging from the five main factors, whether the raw materials are good or bad, whether they are processed according to the process requirements, whether there are quality problems in each link of manufacturing, and whether the finished products can meet the requirements are all found by inspection personnel and operators according to the corresponding standards.

H-3 flexible-silicone-rubber-heater-for-diesel-oil (3)

The factory inspection silicone heating plate has three main links. One is raw material inspection, the other is process inspection, and the third is finished product inspection. Don't think that inspection is the matter of inspectors. In fact, the process inspection is divided into two parts. One is that the inspector inspects the semi-finished products in the process of production. The other important part is the self-inspection and mutual inspection by the operator. The inspector may only be able to check the surface phenomenon. The operator's self-inspection and mutual inspection are the prerequisite for product quality. When the operator finds quality problems in the production process, he can judge whether he is good or bad. If he can't judge, he can ask the inspector or relevant technical personnel to do it. Therefore, a qualified operator must not only be skilled in operating the equipment, but also be familiar with the quality requirements of the product to be produced, and will check whether the quality of the product meets the process requirements.
Of course, we must strictly evaluate the products with quality problems that occur in the production of silicone heating plates. From small to large, from light to heavy, there is a complete set of evaluation methods. Otherwise, the role of the entire inspection work will be weakened, and it may not be able to achieve the role of product quality control.