The Feature and advantages of the Polyimide electric heating film

- Sep 08, 2020-

The Feature and advantages of the Polyimide electric heating film.

The electric heating film of polyimide material belongs to thin heating body. It can design any plane shape and power according to user's request. With the help of computer design, although it is a non-standard product, the advantages of electric heating film can be fully demonstrated. The product is becoming more and more popular, and electric heating film will become a strong competitor to replace traditional heating.
In practical operation, we will meet the requirements of low voltage and high power. The heating film made of high power polyimide material is suitable for low voltage and high power design. The circuit is relatively wide and the thickness is only about 0.15mm. The heating film has high flexibility and can be bent. The operating temperature is up to 175 degrees, and the heat conversion rate is up to 98%. It is energy saving and energy saving, so it has been widely used in real life.

Hd50cc8e505df4eb2a6c42df57ab4f69fdThere are usually two ways of heating the film using polyimide. The first is the paste type. Place the double-sided tape on the back of the heating film and paste it directly onto the heated object. This method is suitable for products with relatively low temperature requirements. The second is mechanical, that is, when designing the heating film, the mounting hole is left on the heating film, and the thermal conductive material is used to add screws. The heated object is fixed on the polyimide heating film.