The difference between swaged-in leads and crimped-on cartridge heater

- Feb 25, 2020-

The difference between swaged-in leads and crimped-on leads of cartridge heater.


①More Detailed Figure:

Cartridge heater

②The Difference of Production Process:


Crimped-On Leads: It leads out after welding the internal resistance wires and leading-out rod and then connecting the high-temperature leads.

Swaged-In Leads: The high-temperature leads welds to resistance wires and leads out from the inner nozzle.


③The difference of high-temperature leads’ materials:

Crimped-On Leads: Because the high-temperature leads is welded to lading-out rods outside, the temperature of the welding part will not be too high at this time. It is enough that the temperature tolerance of high-temperature leads is as high as 200℃.

Swaged-In Leads:The high-temperature leads in the structure of internal down-lead, which is welded to inner resistance wire directly. Therefore, the high-temperature leads of this structure must have a temperature resistance of at least about 800℃. Generally, it uses in nickel which is high cost.


④The difference of current leakage:

From the perspective of current leakage, it is more safe in swaged-in Leads.