The Difference Between Rated Voltage and Working Voltage

- May 14, 2020-

The concept of rated voltage: the voltage connected to the component specified in the design and marked on the component shell, the unit is volt (V)

The concept of working voltage: for a single component connected to the power supply, it refers to the voltage on the connected component specified in the design, that is, the rated voltage, in volts (V). 


Distinguish the rated voltage and working voltage, which can make the electric heating tube work normally.

For example:

1. The rated voltage of the electric heating tube is 220V / 1KW. When using, if the working voltage is 220V, it can work normally and the output power is 1KW.

2. If the rated voltage of the electric heating tube is 220V / 1KW. If the working voltage is 380V, of course, it can also generate heat, but at this time, the output power is nearly 3KW. The size of the heating tube designed according to the rated power of 1KW was given a power of 3KW, which obviously exceeded the standard, and the tube was easily burned out.