The difference between Electric Ceramic Stove and Induction Cooker

- Oct 09, 2020-

The difference between Electric Ceramic Stove and Induction Cooker


Although the induction cooker and the electric ceramic cooker look similar and the names sound the same, they are actually different.


In terms of working principle, induction cooker belongs to magnetic field induction eddy current heating. Simply put, the electric current generates a magnetic field, and the magnetic field reacts with the pot to directly heat the food in the pot. The electric ceramic stove is an open heating, the principle is relatively simple, that is, the heating coil heats after the power is turned on, so as to transfer the heat to the pot.

 3_xqp01Ceramic Radiant Heater

These two different working methods have created the biggest difference in performance between induction cookers and electric ceramic cookers. Due to the particularity of the heating method, not all pots are suitable for induction cookers. Many people also care about the radiation of induction cookers to the human body (but in fact, this radiation is far from enough to cause serious damage to the body). Although the coil heating method of the electric ceramic stove has low radiation, does not pick up pots and utensils, and can be used as an oven, it heats up slowly, and the panel heats up during the heating process and may burn your hands.