The characteristics of Stainless steel thick film tubular heater

- Jul 05, 2020-

1, thermal efficiency: stainless steel thick film tubular heater with its natural advantages of barrel shaped channel, heating more uniform, more efficient, substrate more pressure, more compact and changeable, its thermal efficiency is higher than 98%. It is known as "the most ideal heat pipe" in the industry, and its standing specifications are: 2200W. 3000W. 4000W. 5000W, etc.

Two, safety: stainless steel thick film tubular heater adopts high temperature sintering up to five layers of insulation method, and by virtue of its natural pipeline advantages, completely realize the separation of water and electricity, water from the middle of the pipe to the pipe wall heat, through the heat, three seconds out of hot water.

Material: Stainless steel thick film tubular heater is made of SUS430, which has high hardness and is not easy to deform and alkali resistant (very suitable for domestic water heating), low thermal conductivity and high heat loss, uniform heating, good heat resistance and cold shrinkage. Zhao Metal Mechanical and Electrical stainless steel thick film heating tube through screen printing and sintering, the insulation film and heating resistance film directly printed and sintered on the stainless steel tube, the water temperature can reach 98-99 degrees, the heating tube surface operating temperature of 400 degrees can be normal work.