The Application of Magnesium Powder

- May 08, 2020-

Magnesium powder is a relatively dangerous chemical substance, it is silver-white powder with metallic luster, active metal, and flammable materials when wet. Due to its special chemical properties, it is more likely to cause combustion or explosion.

Magnesium powder is widely used in aviation, aerospace, armament, automobile, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industries.

Magnesium powder has the characteristics of being flammable and explosive, producing high temperature and dazzling white light during combustion, so magnesium powder is widely used in military and aerospace industries and other scientific and technological fields. In the steelmaking industry and non-ferrous metal casting, magnesium powder is used as a desulfurizing agent and purifying agent, and as a reducing agent in the production of rare metals. In the chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used in spraying, coating, and anti-corrosion industries.