The Advantages of silicone rubber heaters made by Jaye industry

- Sep 14, 2020-

Jaye focus on the quality control and all our heating elements that we make. we care about very much about our customer request both on the quality and cost, in order to offer the best silicone rubber heaters to our customers, we are always pursuit the higher quality. So our silicone rubber heaters have the below advantages:

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1. Excellent physical strength and softness of the silicone rubber heating film: Applying an external force(Adhesive) to the electric heating film can make the electric heating film and the heated object good contact;

2. The silicone rubber heating sheet can be made into any shape, including a vertical body, and various openings can be reserved, which is very convenient to use and install;

3. The silicone rubber heating plate is light in weight, the thickness is 1.50mm, the heat capacity is small, which can achieve fast heating efficiency and higher temperature control accuracy;

4. The silicone rubber heater has good weather resistance and aging resistance. As the surface insulating material of the electric heating film, it can effectively prevent the surface of the product from cracking and enhance the mechanical strength, which greatly extends the service life of the product;

5. The precise metal electric heating film circuit of the silicone rubber heating film can further increase the power density of the silicone rubber heating film, improve the uniformity of the surface heating power, and extend the service life of the electric heating film;

6. The silicone rubber heater has good resistance to chemical corrosion and can be used in places with harsh environments such as humidity and corrosive gas;

7. The silicone rubber heater can be integrated with the thin heat insulation material to provide a light electric heating element with a heat insulation layer;

8. The silicone heating film can be equipped with PSA stickers, which is convenient and quick to install;

9. The silicone heater is safe, reliable and has a long service life.

The above is our advantages for the silicone rubber heaters, if you have any requirements and needs about any types of silicone rubber heaters, please just contact with us at or . we are always here to serve you.