The Advantages of Silicone Rubber Heater

- Apr 14, 2020-

1. The excellent physical strength and softness of thesilicon heating sheet: the external force applied to the electric heating film can make the electric heating film in good contact with the heated object;      
2. The silicon heating plate can be made into any shape, including the vertical body, and various openings can be reserved, so it is very convenient to use and install;    
3. The silicon heating plate has the advantages of light weight, wide range of thickness adjustment (0.8mm-1.56mm), small heat capacity, fast heating efficiency and high temperature control accuracy;       
4  Silicone rubber heating plate has good weatherability and anti-aging property. As the surface insulation material of electrothermal film, it can effectively prevent surface cracking and enhance mechanical strength, and greatly extend the service life of the product.     
5. The precise metal electrothermal film circuit of silicon heating sheet can further improve the power density of silicon electrothermal film, improve the uniformity of surface heating power, and prolong the service life of the electrothermal film;       
 6. The silicone heating plate has good chemical corrosion resistance, and can be used in humid and corrosive gas environment;     
 7. The silicon heating sheet can be integrated with thin heat insulation materials to provide light electric heating elements with heat insulation layer;       
8. silicon heating plate can be equipped with PSA adhesive, which is convenient for quick installation;    
9. Silicone rubber heater is safe and reliable with long service life.