Technical index of electric flat tubular heater

- Aug 23, 2020-

Technical index of electric flat tubular heater

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1. The metal shell of the flat tubular heater made by Jaye is mostly made of nickel-chromium stainless steel, and the inner electric heating wire is made of nickel-chromium electric heating alloy wire. The dense and stable magnesium oxide powder is filled between the heating wire and the shell as an insulating and heat conducting layer.

2. Technical index of flat tubular heater:

(1) Rated working voltage: according to customer requirements, generally 220V/380V, etc.

(2) Rated heating power: generally 500W-600W/M

(3) The external cross-sectional size of the heating tube: (15±1)*(6±0.5)mm, the wall thickness of the stainless steel tube is not less than 0.7mm

(4) 2000V/50HZ sinusoidal AC voltage is applied between the heating wire in the tubular heater and the metal shell for 1min without breakdown.

(5) The heating pipe is a single-ended wire, and the wire length is according to customer requirements. The lead wire and the internal heating wire are welded and sealed with a high-strength sealing material.

(6) The tubular heater is tested with a 500V megohmmeter in a normal experimental environment. The insulation resistance between the heating wire inside the tubular heater and the metal casing should not be less than 25MΩ.

(7) Heat insulation treatment is carried out between the tubular heater lead head and the tubular heater, the lead section is sealed and firm, and the resistance to tension is so that even if the wire is broken, it will not be pulled out, and it will not leak or fall out under long-term vibration.

(8) The electric flat tubular heater is resistant to vibration and impact.