Technical Features and Application Range for Non-woven Heating Sheet

- Sep 11, 2020-

Non-woven heating sheet is a heating blanket element that sticks a hot wire between two non-woven fabrics. The product has a thickness of only 3 to 5mm, an area ranging from 10cm to 4.0mt, a working power ranging from 0.5 watts to several hundred watts, and a maximum working temperature of 150℃. The following is the technical features and applications of non-woven heating sheet introduced by Huayu.
Non-woven heating sheet Technical features:
It is suitable for surface heating in various low temperature occasions, and can be conveniently made into various shapes according to the heating surface, which is convenient in design and low in price.
2. Easy installation, safe and hygienic use, even surface heat transfer.
3 Power can be divided, can be equipped with temperature controller.
4. Water and moisture, long life
5. Meet the explosion protection requirements
6. The size of the area can be customized temperature 45℃C-120℃ optional use is very convenient and fast!
Applications of non-woven heating sheet:
1. Heating pad for cars, heating in the bedroom, heating on the bed, etc.
2 is the ideal heating element for medium and low temperature surface heating and insulation applications. Heating plates are widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial machines, equipment and devices, such as dryers, incubators, insulation rooms, advertising defogging heaters, and so on.
Comprehensive above, non-woven fever piece has a light, and simplicity of design and installation, the use of safety and health, the surface heat evenly, long life, low cost, can be arbitrary shape of the heated surface, and convenient design unique advantages, is a design of planar heating in low temperature applications ideal heating elements, are widely used in the bedroom in, car seat cushion, health care, food, heating, planting breeding heat preservation, etc.