Structure and materials of ni-Cr heating wire silicone rubber heater

- Aug 13, 2020-

When we design the Ni-Cr heating wire silicone rubber heater, we should adopt different raw material based on the different working temperature, working conditions.


1) The resistance material - ni-Cr alloy sheet is an integral part of the brocade chromium heating sheet. According to the requirements of use, the precise resistance alloy sheet with high resistance and good corrosion resistance should be selected. We adopt 6J-15 precision resistance alloy sheet produced by Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute. Its thickness is 0.02m/m

2) the lead wire silicone rubber heater. Two fine insulated wires are drawn from the end of nickel alloy heating sheet. They are high-temperature resistant vinyl insulated installation wires of AF-250 (110) with a standard cross section of 0.013mm.

3) Basement and cap layer. The base is used to maintain the geometry and relative position of the Ni-Cr heating sheet. The cover not only maintains the shape and relative position of the Ni-Cr sheet, but also protects the ni-Cr sheet.

We take the semi-finished silica gel glass cloth with thickness of 0.18~0.20m/m as the material for the base and cover. Since the material has not been cupped, we can make full use of the viscosity of silica gel coated on the glass cloth to fix the shape and position of the falcone alloy sheet. After being heated and cupped, a firm binding force can be generated between them.