Specification characteristics of fryer mechanical timer

- Jun 22, 2020-

In the use of fryers, mechanical timers are indispensable products, and directly affect our work efficiency and product quality. Maybe many people think that as long as the mechanical timer of the fryer can be used, it is not necessary to use the products of big brands, but actually it should be measured through many aspects. All timers launched by regular brands have been strictly checked, and the design is also quite good. It can be said that as long as the brand products are purchased, there will be no problems that are difficult to deal with, and the security is also very high. The specifications and features of the mechanical timer of the fryer are as follows:

1. When the timer stops, the system cuts off the power and stops the control system.

2. Single current system, on / off.

3. Precision production makes the operation error almost zero, and high temperature resistant.

4. When the prompt sound starts, it means that the timer stops running. (system off)