Silicone Heating Mat Structure

- Jun 29, 2020-

Material of silicone heating plate:

The glass fiber cloth coated with silicone rubber is resistant to acid and salt, pressure and abrasion, and the temperature resistance is -60-250℃. It is flame-retardant, fireproof and has an aging life of up to five years.

Silicone rubber heater is mainly composed of alloy heating wire and silicone rubber high-temperature insulating cloth. The basic structure is as following:

Silicone Heating Mat Structure


The glass fiber cloth coated with high temperature resistant silicone rubber, and metal foil, molded by high temperature. The thickness is very thin, usually 0.8~1.5 thick MM, its use temperature range is low temperature -60 ℃, high temperature 250 ℃, flexible silicone heating sheet can be better fit on the object to be heated, the characteristics of the heating sheet has fast heating and uniform temperature , High thermal efficiency, good toughness, pressure resistance, wear resistance.