Seven advantages of JAYE thick film heating element

- Mar 21, 2020-

1.Thermal efficiency up to 98%

2. When applied to water heating, the base material is not easy to scale due to flow heating

3. The power density is generally 60w-250w / cm2, which is several times of the traditional heating element

4. The heating is uniform and stable. Under the condition of electric control, the temperature fluctuation is small, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 2 ℃

5. Wide range of application, AC / DC universal, and thick film heating elements can be made into different shapes according to different design requirements

6. Compared with the traditional heating element, the thick film heating element has a small heat capacity, so the heating speed is extremely fast, and there is little waste heat after power failure

7. Water and electricity separation is formed by inorganic oxide insulation layer, which is more oxidation resistant, with power attenuation of almost 0 and service life of up to 15000 H