Safe Use of Liquid Heaters

- Aug 05, 2020-

When use the liquid heaters, you cannot put it in the unstable containers. Before installing the equipment, you need to determine whether the container is placed very smoothly, and then fix it. If the placement is unstable, it is easy to overturn the container, dump the liquid, and dry burning the heating tube, then there is a risk of fire or electric shock; during use, the heater must not be modified at will. Random deformation and modification may cause changes in the internal structure of the heater, and then affect the electrical functions, and may also cause fire, leakage, and electric shock.


Don't put the equipment in a heating container that lacks water or is contaminated. Put the heating tube in a liquid with a lot of impurities that is very easy to make its appearance scale. The equipment components will be damaged day by day. When using the equipment, you must know that the time to heat the liquid cannot be lower than the normal liquid level specification, because this will damage the heating tube and may cause a fire.


Beside the process of the installation, it is necessary to ensure that the heating section of the equipment is completely immersed in the liquid, and at the same time, make sure that the liquid cannot be lower than the normal liquid orientation, otherwise, after power on, it will appear empty burning, and then cause fire, burns, electric shocks and other incidents.