Research on thick film Heating elements in household appliance

- Jul 30, 2020-

At present, heating elements made of thick film materials are widely used in household appliances. This article mainly conducts in-depth research on the heating principle, material, technology, failure mechanism, and related calculations of thick film heaters, and plays a certain guiding role in the design, production and application of thick film heaters.


thick film heater overview

The concept of thick film is mainly relative to thin film. Thick film refers to a film with a thickness of several micrometers to tens of micrometers formed by printing and sintering technology on a substrate. The material used to make this film is called thick film material. Thick film heating element has many advantages such as high power density, fast heating speed, high working temperature, fast heating rate, high mechanical strength, small size, convenient installation, uniform heating temperature field, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. Today when energy conservation and environmental protection are advocated, this new, safe, environmentally friendly, and superior-performance heating element has received extensive attention and application in various industries at home and abroad, and traditional heating methods are gradually being replaced. The thick film heating element mainly relies on the thick film screen printing process, which sequentially prints insulating media, heating resistors, conductor materials, protective media and other materials on the heating element substrate, and is formed by high temperature sintering. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for substrates for high-power thick film circuits due to its excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal shock, moderate cost, and easy processing. 

Nowadays,the thick film heating technology is becoming more and more popular in our house hold appliance.