Reasons 3D printer printing model misalignment

- Apr 20, 2020-

Following are 4 reasons that 3D printer's printing model misalignment

1. The slice model is wrong.

The most common software used today is Cura and Repetier. Most of them are open source, so the stability and professionalism of the software cannot be guaranteed, and each design model map is not necessarily perfect for the software, so the misprinting of the model map is not replaced, the model map is sliced again, the model is moved. Good location, let the software regenerate GCode printing.

2. Problems with model drawings.

The model is still misplaced after the dislocation occurs and the slice is changed. Change the model diagram experiment that was printed successfully before, if it is correct, re-draw the drawing.

3. The nozzle is forcibly blocked during printing.

First, do not touch the moving nozzle during printing. Secondly, if there is a product cut on the top layer of the model drawing, the product will be repeatedly increased in the next printing. A certain degree of hard product cut will prevent the nozzle from moving normally, causing the motor to lose steps and cause a misalignment.

4. The voltage is unstable.

When printing is misplaced, observe whether it is a high-power electrical appliance such as an air conditioner. When the electric gates of some appliances are closed after work, the printing is misaligned. If there is, the printing power supply plus voltage stabilizing equipment. If not, observe whether the printing is misaligned and the stroke is blocked every time the nozzle goes to the same point. The misalignment occurs after the nozzle is stuck. Generally, the voltage on the X, Y, and Z axes is uneven. Adjust the X, Y, and Z axis currents on the motherboard to pass The triaxial current is basically uniform.

5. The motherboard problem.

None of the above problems can solve the misalignment, and the most common occurrence is that any model is misaligned at the same height and the motherboard is replaced.