Production process of Silicone Rubber Heating Pad

- Sep 21, 2020-

Production process of Silicone Rubber Heating Pad:

Some of our customers ask us what is the production process of the silicone rubber heating pad, today Jaye would like to share with you the equipment and production process for the silicone rubber heating pad.

According to the production process, the equipment of the silicone factory includes:


  1. Required equipment:


    Rubber kneading machine: This equipment is needed when mixing different hardness and color pastes with rubber materials for mixing silica gel;

    Cutting machine: Cut the mixed rubber into different sizes of rubber blocks as required for easy discharging;

    Hydraulic press: also called the beer machine, molding machine, etc., is the main equipment for silicone production. The rubber is passed through the mold on the hydraulic press. Only high temperature and high pressure can be formed.

    Oven: The silica gel coming out of the hydraulic press will have a gluey smell. Because the silica gel has not been fully vulcanized in a short period of time, it needs to be vulcanized in the oven afterward; this equipment or infrared drying oven is also required after printing and spraying.


  2. Optional equipment:


    Screen printing machine: For surface (flat) printing needs, a screen printing machine (also called a screen printing machine) is required, a screen printing table for a mobile phone, and an electric or pneumatic screen printing machine. Relatively speaking, a hand printing table is relatively cheap, and it can be a few hundred RMB;

    Pad printer: also called dot printer, click on some curved surfaces with a plastic head or dot printing fixture, or click on conductive glue;

    Spraying cabinet: If the surface of the glue needs to be sprayed with color oil, hand-feeling oil, and wear-resistant oil, a spraying machine is required. The spraying machine has an ordinary water shower cabinet and a fully automatic spraying line.

    Punch: Some silicone has a lot of burrs, and a punch is needed to remove it with a mold.

    Infrared: It is also called Tunnel Oven. It is used for printing and spraying, and its efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary ovens.

If you have any more questions about the silicone rubber heating pad or any requirements.please just contact with us.