​Preparation and properties of thick film PTC thermistor paste on stainless steel substrate

- Aug 20, 2020-

Preparation and properties of thick film PTC thermistor paste on stainless steel substrate:

With the rapid development of electronic technology, thermistors have been applied in more and more fields. Thick film PTC thermistor is a thick film production process with the unique characteristics of thermistor and the production of PTC thermistor. It not only has the general characteristics of thermistors , but also has the unique and excellent performance that general thermistors do not have due to the unique composition and process of the materials, so it has important applications in many fields. So far most of the domestic PTC thermistors are still BaTi0, ceramic doping found by Heyman 1 et al. and prepared, due to its high room temperature resistivity, thus in the case of large current capacity applications are limited; At the same time, the defects of ceramic materials also lead to the deficiency of such thermistors: low mechanical strength, poor impact resistance and so on. Stainless steel is an ideal substrate for high-power thick film circuit due to its excellent mechanica l properties and heat-resisting impact capability.


The stainless steel thick film PTC thermosensitive resistance paste prepared by the Jaye industry consists of three parts: conductive functional phase, inorganic bonding phase and organic carrier. The functional phase is synthesized by the solid phase of Ru and Cu(OH), and the thermistor produced by this paste has the advantages of good stability, long life and low cost, thus shortening the gap with foreign countries. By fixing the composition and content of glass phase in the paste (30wt%) to control the proportion of RuO2 in the functional phase (45.4wt%-88.9wt%) or the particle size of functional phase (0.30 ~ 1.0pm), the author studied its influence rules on the thick film resistance square resistance and resistance temperature coefficient (TCR), in order to lay a foundation for the industrialized preparation of high-quality thick film PTC thersorin paste with stainless steel base.