Precautions for using Silicone heating mat

- Oct 07, 2020-

Precautions for using Silicone heating mat: Silicone heating sheet is a Flexible and bendable sheet-like electric heating device. So its surface heater can be made into various shapes as required. When using this type of electric heating device, must pay attention, the continuous working temperature should be less than 240℃, and the instantaneous temperature should not exceed 300 ℃. The silicone heating sheet electric heating device can work under pressure, that is, Using the auxiliary pressure plate to make it close to the heated surface. At this time, the heating effect is good, with the power density can reach 3W/cm2 and the temperature of the working area does not exceed 240℃.

Flexible silicone heater

For the silicone rubber heating mats made by Jaye industry, if you can have a god maintainance, you may use then for more than 10 years. we are already make the high quality silicone rubber heater for the customers from all over the world.