Practical case of infrared heating lamp in automobile coating

- Oct 15, 2020-

Practical case of infrared heating lamp in automobile coating


Nowadays, car painting, sheet metal, mechanical components and other external paint baking, many processes will involve the drying environment, such as the exterior paint drying of the fuel tank, the exterior paint drying of the body sheet metal, and the parts paint drying. Actual tests show that, the use of infrared lamps for heating and drying is currently a more energy-efficient and practical heating method than hot air heating.

In the processing and production of automobiles, the use of infrared radiation heating is a time-saving and cost-saving drying method, and it can also help improve the quality of parts in some key processes. In the future, there will be more parts and components in the entire automobile production process, and it is even possible that the production of complete vehicles will be applied to infrared radiation heating, which has great market potential.


The infrared lacquer room mainly makes full use of the characteristics of infrared, which has reflectivity, permeability and resonance. Due to the superior reflectivity of infrared rays, infrared rays can be reflected everywhere in the space, so the dried object can be exposed to the infrared radiation at any time; the permeability of infrared rays can effectively penetrate into the paint layer, which can be achieved from the innermost The layer is gradually dried to the outer layer, and the resonance performance effectively generates resonance and friction with the molecules of the object to be baked, effectively increasing the drying temperature and the temperature of the link, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying. It uses pure black body material carbon fiber as the heating carrier, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is more than 95%, and there is very little visible light in the electrothermal conversion process.

Infrared car paint booth
The conversion efficiency of electric heating radiation is more than 70%; the infrared wavelength is 1.5~10 microns, which has excellent matching to the drying wavelength of paint; the carbon fiber infrared quartz heating tube is compared with the infrared of the metal heating element, and the organic matter absorption wavelength and infrared radiation intensity are increased respectively More than 30%. Due to the strong permeability of infrared radiation, the water and solvent in the paint will evaporate first due to the matching of the wavelength during the baking process, and the dry paint layer will not produce bubbles due to the evaporation of the water and solvent inside. And small holes, so the effect of baking is even better, which can effectively improve the surface quality of the paint, increase the adhesion of the paint film, higher strength, brighter brightness and better toughness. Long service life: The continuous service life of carbon fiber infrared lamps is up to 10,000 hours.


The use of infrared heating in the car paint booth has the following advantages:


1. With penetrating power, it can be heated inside and outside at the same time to quickly achieve the purpose of drying.

2. No need for heat transfer, good thermal efficiency.

3. It can also be heated locally to save energy.

4. The design breaks through the ideas of traditional paint-baking rooms, reduces pipelines and heating mechanical systems, makes space combination, installation and maintenance simple and easy, greatly reduces hidden troubles and avoids the huge energy consumption of ordinary electric-heated paint booths, saving costs .

5. The heating process is environmentally friendly and has no pollution, no electromagnetic radiation, clean, no noise, and no secondary pollution.

6. Easy temperature control, rapid heating, and high safety.