Methods for Confirming the Quality of Electric Iron Temperature Controller

- Jun 12, 2020-

1. The heating power of the electric iron needs to be matched with the temperature sensing time. The greater the power, the faster the heating, so the faster the temperature of the electric iron thermostat if it with a greater power.

2. The temperature controller of the electric iron needs to be tightly attached to the inside of the electric iron, so it is not to break the outer shell and shape of the electric iron.

3. The electric iron thermostat itself is an electronic product and also generates heat, so if the heating of the electric iron thermostat is too obvious, it will affect the temperature sensing system. At this time, you should choose a non-current electric iron thermostat.

4. There is one more thing to consider when choosing the electric iron thermostat, that is the service life. The service life of different temperature sheet is different, and the service life of the temperature plates directly affects the service life of the electric iron thermostat.