Meltblown fabric heater electrical control and performance characteristics

- Jun 08, 2020-

Electrical control of meltblown fabric heater:

1. Using digital display intelligent temperature controller PID fuzzy adjustment, non-contact SSR control. Dual instrument protection to ensure reliable operation.

2. Adopt power regulator to adjust, 4-20mA continuous signal intelligently adjust power to achieve process control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.

3. The dual protection of the heater surface temperature protection and the outlet temperature upper limit is adopted to ensure the reliable operation of the heater.

4. The heater is provided with protection functions such as over-temperature, anti-dry burning, over-current, short circuit, leakage protection, etc. It has functions such as fault self-test, protection, and sound and light report prompts.

5. Programmable controller PLC, human-machine interface touch screen control can be used, and can be controlled by communication with the host computer.

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Performance characteristics of melt-blown pipeline heater

1. The melt-blown heater has advanced structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The melt blown heater can heat the air to a very high temperature, up to 450 ℃, and the shell temperature is only about 50 ℃.

3. High efficiency of melt blowing heater: up to 0.9 or more.

4. The heating and cooling rate is fast, up to 10℃/S, and the adjustment is fast and stable. There will be no leading and lagging phenomena.

5. The advantages of easy installation and disassembly of the meltblown heater.

6. When the usage rules are not violated, the pipeline electric heater is durable and has a service life of several decades.

7. The melt-blown heater has clean air and small volume.