Manufacturing method of flexible electric heating sheet

- Oct 19, 2019-

PET soft electric heating film is printed with conductive carbon ink on the underlying polyester insulation film (stripe-shaped horizontal distribution), copper foil electrodes are placed longitudinally at both ends of the ink strip, and the polyester insulation film is laminated and hot-rolled on the upper layer. The heating element is a carbon ink. This product has high production efficiency, good softness and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the copper foil electrode and the ink strip are easily cracked at a low temperature (less than 80 ° C), and the contact is poor, which causes electric sparks; after long-term use, the heating element is easy to age and harden, and it is easy to generate microcracks. The carbon fiber paper hard electric hot plate is obtained by placing a conductive carbon fiber paper and copper foil electrodes at both ends between two glass cloth laminates under pressure and heat curing. The heating element is carbon fiber paper. This product has a high operating temperature, does not age the heating element, has a long life and stable resistance. The deficiency is due to the mechanical contact between the conductive carbon fiber paper and the copper foil, which easily leads to poor contact; the texture is hard and cannot be rolled and cut.

The electric heating sheet has high heating efficiency, reliable structure, safe use, soft texture, convenient and durable flexible electric heating sheet.

The flexible electric heating sheet includes an upper film layer, an upper insulating layer, an electric heating film, a lower insulating layer and a lower film layer which are sequentially stacked, and the electric heating film is composed of an upper thermal conductive film, a lower thermal conductive film, and an electric heating wire sandwiched therebetween. , The two ends of the electric heating wire are respectively connected with a connecting pipe for connecting an external power source;

The film layer and the lower film layer are one of an epoxy film layer, a polyimide layer, a polyamide layer, a polyester layer, and a silica gel layer;

The insulating layer and the lower insulating layer are a glass fiber layer or a mesh non-woven fabric layer.

The outer wall of the flexible electric heating wire is also wrapped with a black ceramic layer.

The heating wires of the flexible electric heating sheet are distributed in an S shape between the upper thermally conductive film and the lower thermally conductive film.

A flexible electric heating sheet connecting pipe is disposed on the upper thermally conductive film.