Maintenance method of ceramic heating plate

- Oct 06, 2019-

1. Clean the dust on the heater surface and working room to keep the machine clean and hygienic.

2. Regularly check whether the fan is running normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. If there is any abnormal sound, immediately shut down the machine and check.

3. Regularly check whether the vents are blocked, and clean up the dust regularly.

4. Check whether the temperature controller is accurate regularly. If it is not accurate, please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the temperature controller.

5. Regularly check the heating pipe for damage and the wiring for aging.

6. Sudden power failure, turn off the power switch and heating switch to prevent automatic start when an incoming call.

The ceramic heater is based on the international advanced technology guidelines, plus years of research, the results obtained. It has the characteristics of high technology content, good overall performance, cleanliness, convenient assembly, acid and corrosion resistance, safe use and long life. It can be widely used in vacuum blistering, food baking, medical and health, and other infrared drying baking, curing and other occasions. Social and economic benefits.