Limited Type Cartridge Heater With Stopper Flange

- Jul 10, 2020-

1. What is a limit type cartridge heater:

The limited-type single-head electric heating tube is a electric heating tube that can be fixed, and it is fixed by welding some iron pieces, steel pieces or terminals to the straight rod single-head electric heating tube.

2. The shape of the stopper flange:

Common stopper flange are round, square, rectangular, etc., customers can also design the shape according to their own needs, and then we can customize the stopper flange according to the customer's drawings.

3. The function of stopper flange:

The function that is to fix the heating tube on the mold or device with a stopper flange when the mold or other heating equipment is vibrating, so that the electric heating tube will not fall due to vibration or shaking .