Lead selection method of electric cartridge heater

- Sep 05, 2020-

Lead selection method of electric cartridge heater:

Electric cartridge heater should choose different leads according to different use environment. Let's have a look at the selection methods of electric cartridge heater?

1. Conventional high temperature wire: is our most common lead, it can withstand temperature is 100-400 ℃.

2. Mica high temperature wire: used in air dry burning electric cartridge heater, the lead wire will also contact high temperature, it can withstand the temperature is 500-600 ℃.

3. Pure nickel wire: it is also a very high temperature resistant lead, used at 700 ℃.

4. Ceramic bead lead: when used at high temperature, it can withstand 700-800 ℃.

5. Metal hose lead: it is often used in the case that the lead wire will produce friction,

6. Teflon wire: generally used for heating corrosive liquid, it has certain corrosion resistance.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you should have a deep understanding of the lead selection strategy of electric cartridge heater, so when ordering electric cartridge heater, please inform the use environment in detail, so as to facilitate the selection of more suitable lead wire.