Jaye Industry's exploration and upgrade of electric heating elements

- Apr 30, 2020-

Tubular Heating Elements consists of metal shell, alloy heating wire for heating element, filled with compacted between magnesium oxide powder or similar as dielectric insulation, and elicit a rod connected to the power supply used for heating element" - was in one hundred, because of its simple structure, production technology difficulty is not high, daily use is convenient, has been in use today and is widely spread, become indispensable to many traditional household appliances parts. But with the progress of science and technology, the electric heat pipe also faces emerging resistance heating products market challenges, Jaye Industry is promoting the higher technology heating elements, such as PTC heater, thick film circuit electric heating element, rare earth silicon nitride ceramic electric heating element, such as semiconductor heating element, they or have better temperature control features, or have the advantage of the shorter heating and cooling, or has better electrical insulating performance and longer service life. In addition, electric arc heating, alternating electromagnetic field induction current (eddy current) heating, electron beam heating and other electric heating technology, is in some daily electric heating field to achieve the electric tube can not achieve the function.