Is there any relationship between the surface load of the electric heating tube and the service life?

- Jan 05, 2021-

Is there any relationship between the surface load of the electric heating tube and the service life?

1. Widely used in various saltpeter tanks, water tanks, acid-base tanks, air heating furnace drying boxes, hot molds and other devices. Trouble phenomenon: the diameter of the blown fuse is too small and the capacity is insufficient; the power cord plug and the electric heating socket are short-circuited; the lead or lead of the electric heating tube falls off and causes a short circuit; the electric heating tube (core) burns out and causes a short circuit. Main technical indicators: Power parameters: rated voltage The lower power is +5%-10% Leakage current: Leakage current at working temperature <0.5mA Electric strength: Electric strength at working temperature Withstand test voltage> 1000V, 50Hz, 1MIN, there should be no flashover breakdown: Insulation Resistance: Cold insulation resistance ≥100MQ (Megaohm) Appearance: No significant mechanical scars or local expansion, no wrinkles, bumps and other phenomena at the bend.


2. Mainly used in open and closed solution tanks and non-standard flange type electric heaters for heating in circulating systems. 5 features: small size, large heating power; large surface power, which is 2 of the surface load of air heating ~ 4 times. Various media can be heated in various occasions, such as explosion-proof occasions; highly dense, compact structure. Because the whole is short and dense, it has good stability and no need for installation. Imported and domestic high-quality materials are selected. Scientific production technology and strict quality management ensure the superior electrical performance of the electric heating tube.


3. The heating temperature can generally reach 720℃. The heating system can be fully automated, including the control of the electric heating system through the DCS system; it has a long service life, has multiple protection systems, and is safe and reliable. The combined type mostly uses argon arc welding to connect the electric heating tube to the flange, and can also use the form of a fastening device, that is, each electric heating tube is welded with a fastener, and then the flange cover is locked with a nut, The firmware adopts argon arc welding and never leaks. The fastener seal adopts scientific technology, and the replacement of a single piece is extremely convenient, which greatly saves future maintenance costs. Stable electrical performance and high thermal efficiency, more than 30% energy saving than ordinary metal heating elements, and extremely fast heating speed.