Installation of thermostat of convection heater

- May 05, 2020-

Convection indoor heaters are usually used as portable or wall-mounted appliances in daily life. In safety standards, limiting the surface temperature rise can avoid scalding during normal use, or when covered and limited heat dissipation. Under normal circumstances, unsafe events such as fire caused by overheating and high temperature. The common method is to install a thermostat in the heater to control the surface temperature of the heater within the limit, and the convection indoor heater mainly dissipates heat by air convection, and is affected by the surrounding environment. Irregular flow and uneven temperature distribution, so the choice of thermostat structure, installation, control parameters, etc. has a greater impact on the safety and heating effect of the heater, and the unreasonable installation method cannot play the heating effect of the heater well , Wrong installation will also cause hidden dangers.