Installation Matters of Quartz Electric Heating Tube

- Jul 21, 2020-

Due to the particularity of the material and structure of the quartz electric heating tube, some things need to be paid attention to during installation.


Installation precautions for quartz electric heating tube:

* The heating tube should generally be kept basically horizontal when in use. If possible, place the ceramic heads at the two ends of the heating tube in a low temperature area to extend the service life of the heating tube.

* The heating tube cannot be fixed with two ends rigidly to prevent the heating tube from being broken due to improper mechanical external force.

* The porcelain seat at the two ends of the heating tube and the supporting parts of the equipment should be freely matched as much as possible, and the axial and surrounding clearance should be no less than 1~3mm; if elastic clamping is used, it should also ensure that the tube body and the rigid body have enough space for thermal expansion.

* For the heating tube with gold-plated reflective layer, please avoid hard objects scratching the reflective layer during installation and use.

* When installing the power lead of the heating tube, please cover it with a high-temperature-resistant insulating ceramic insulation or glass fiber tube to avoid possible leakage risk.