Industrial high temperature stove’s protection and usage

- Feb 27, 2020-

As we know the life time of an electric heater matters with many inspects. Besides the quality of itself, such as the heating elements ( tubular heaters, finned heaters ). the way of our using and how we place it are also important factors that matters. Following are some suggests that we need to pay attention.

1. The high-temperature industry oven should be placed in a clean and level place in the room. It must be kept dry, protected from moisture and humidity, and protected from corrosion. There must be a certain space for the oven equipment, and there must be a certain distance from the wall on all sides.  Check the voltage before use. The smaller oven equipment requires 220V and the larger oven equipment requires 380V (three-phase four-wire). Install a sufficient capacity power switch according to the power consumption of the oven equipment. And select the appropriate power cord. You should also do the grounding work.


2. After the above work is ready, put the test sample in the oven equipment, then connect the power, turn on the oven equipment switch, and the oven equipment with blower device. The blower must be turned on during the heating and constant temperature process, otherwise it will affect the temperature of the studio. Uniformity and may damage the heating element. Then adjust the temperature suitable for the sample to be baked. The oven equipment is in working condition. The items to be baked should not be arranged too densely. Do not place items on the bottom of the oven (heat sink) to avoid affecting the hot air circulation. Compensation for flammable, explosive and volatile and corrosive articles is prohibited.


3. Turn off the power after baking, and then open the door of the studio. Remember that you cannot directly touch the baking items with your hands. Use special tools or wear insulated gloves to take the baking items to avoid burns. The working room of the oven equipment must be kept clean and the temperature must not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the oven equipment. Generally, the oven equipment is below 250 degrees.

So when we want to buy an oven for baking or your restaurant, we need to choose a best supplier making high quality electric heating elements for oven, and also when we use the oven, we need to pay attention to above items mentioned.